Lessons Series – January 2020

On January 19th, I started a Lessons Series on my podcast. These episodes deal with the main themes of the book. They give an explanation of what the book is trying to put across. Each of the Lessons Episodes, have take-aways you can try to start living the course. There are 14 episodes in this series and I hope you check them out!

Podcast name – Trifecta Now podcast

Always Love, Denyse

Course Chapters

It has been months since I updated this site. My apologies, I intend on updating this regularly now. I have uploaded 31 chapters of the book “A Course in Miracles”. You can find my podcast on Apple iTunes, Spotify, Overcast, Stitcher, and Tunein. It covers a book club like sessions on all the 31 chapters of the original text. Please check it out!!

Chapter 3

I had uploaded Chapter 3 last week, but unfortunately not on this site. I am uploading it today here. You can find my Podcast – Trifecta Now on Google podcasts, iTunes podcasts, TuneIN, Spotify, and Buzzsprout. I will be going into a studio tomorrow to record more chapters and start a You Tube Channel. The You Tube channel will be the same format as the podcasts with the exception that you will have me personally to look at. lol I am not sure that is a good thing. I was thinking that I would treat it like my book clubs and as I host them; I will then be your on-line host.

I am hoping to add additional insight and understanding of this book with a You Tube channel. It will provide the visual element, able to see who is speaking to you. The podcast, in my opinion, offers the verbal dialogue needed to follow this book. I will not stop doing it. The goal is 31 chapters and I am on my way!!

Always Love, Denyse

Chapter 2

I have just uploaded the second chapter in “A Course in Miracles” on line book club. I am excited to be able to do this. It is not perfect by any means, but I am hoping it will help others follow and read this divine book. I appear to be getting better at recording and with this new found knowledge; I plan to upload the next 2 chapters by this months end.

I hope you are able to get the original text of this book, read it and follow it along with me. I am happy to help answer any questions I can. I have read this book many times and continue to host book clubs on it. I am by no way an expert on it, but I have managed to read it and understand it over time.

With Love always,


Chapter 1

I just uploaded the first chapter in “A Course in Miracles“. I have it uploaded on iTunes, Spotify, Alexa and Buzzsprout!! If you are following me on this website it is now here too! I have finally got this figured out. I was trying too hard to have it perfect and that is just not possible. I hope you like the first chapter. If you can get a copy of the original text, you can follow along. I am on a roll and hope to finish the second chapter today and possibly post it this weekend as well.

I am hoping to get caught up, so my promise to be up and going in May wasn’t a total loss. I will have 4 chapters posted by the end of this month. I got this!!

Keep me posted on what you think and any questions you might have about the text.

In and always with love,


Weekly pod cast to start soon…

I decided to offer a podcast of the chapters. I will be reviewing a chapter per week starting May 2019. I do not have an actual date yet. I plan to have a few chapters completed before launching the first one. This site will give people the opportunity to ask questions and make comments about the course. I am very excited about this new journey and even more excited to see who will join me.

The weekly pod cast will start with the full text, chapter by chapter. Then followed by the student workbook, so everyone can begin learning to live what the course is all about.

A Course in Miracles ~ written by Dr. Helen Schucman and published by Foundation for Inner Peace. Put simply, it’s goal is to obtain and keep a state of peace. “The text is largely theoretical, and sets forth the concepts on which the Course’s thought system is based.” (Preface CIM) It is not an easy read and why so many start it but never finish. It is my hope with my help you can see it through to the end. I guarantee it’s worth it!


Just the beginning…

I wanted to find a way to share what I have learned and what I now know, with others. I am a teacher by profession, but have always seen myself as a student of life. I moved around this wonderful book with me from place to place for almost 20 years before I actually could read it. Oh I tried, on many occasions to start. I was not successful!

Over 3 years ago, on a whim I picked it up and started reading. After chapter 4, I put it down and was mind boggled. I was completely blown away. I had a ton of things going through my mind. First, why did it take me so long and second, who can I share this with? I immediately knew I could not start this journey alone. I needed others to do it with me. I hand picked a few women who I knew were of like mindedness and who may be interested in doing it as a book club.

The first of many started and so did my journey to a peaceful existence and an eye opening journey and it’s just beginning…