Chapter 3

I had uploaded Chapter 3 last week, but unfortunately not on this site. I am uploading it today here. You can find my Podcast – Trifecta Now on Google podcasts, iTunes podcasts, TuneIN, Spotify, and Buzzsprout. I will be going into a studio tomorrow to record more chapters and start a You Tube Channel. The You Tube channel will be the same format as the podcasts with the exception that you will have me personally to look at. lol I am not sure that is a good thing. I was thinking that I would treat it like my book clubs and as I host them; I will then be your on-line host.

I am hoping to add additional insight and understanding of this book with a You Tube channel. It will provide the visual element, able to see who is speaking to you. The podcast, in my opinion, offers the verbal dialogue needed to follow this book. I will not stop doing it. The goal is 31 chapters and I am on my way!!

Always Love, Denyse

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