Just the beginning…

I wanted to find a way to share what I have learned and what I now know, with others. I am a teacher by profession, but have always seen myself as a student of life. I moved around this wonderful book with me from place to place for almost 20 years before I actually could read it. Oh I tried, on many occasions to start. I was not successful!

Over 3 years ago, on a whim I picked it up and started reading. After chapter 4, I put it down and was mind boggled. I was completely blown away. I had a ton of things going through my mind. First, why did it take me so long and second, who can I share this with? I immediately knew I could not start this journey alone. I needed others to do it with me. I hand picked a few women who I knew were of like mindedness and who may be interested in doing it as a book club.

The first of many started and so did my journey to a peaceful existence and an eye opening journey and it’s just beginning…


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